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Michael Sullivan Assists in Transportation Bill Passage   Leave a comment


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Our own Michael Sullivan , head of our government relations group at ATC, assisted in the push for the passage of Georgia’s recent historic transportation funding bill which passed by overwhelming bi-partisan margins of 141 to 29 in the House, and 43 to 8 in the Senate.

The legislation creates 12 regional districts across the state (including Gwinnett in the ARC region). “Regional roundtables” comprised of local elected officials (Chairs and a Mayor from each county) will develop a project list to be voted on by citizens in the 2012 general primary and be funded by a 1 penny sales tax. The bill also provides some temporary funding/relief flexibility for MARTA and provides capital operations and maintenance for new projects added by MARTA and other transit.

But don’t just take our word for it, read more about it at the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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