Patrick McDonough – Nancy Grace Appearance – Jan. 27, 2014   Leave a comment

January 27, 2014 – In this episode, Patrick McDonough weighs in on video evidence in a case involving a 23-year-old girl killed over an alleged photo bomb incident and how the suspect’s defense might approach the case.  McDonough hammers home that the video will become Defense exhibit 1 since it appears from the video that the person they arrested was actually hit by the alleged victim and fell to the side when the real perpetrator kicked the victim while on the ground.

Next, McDonough responds to Grace’s claim a 14-year-old boy shot her sister over dirty laundry by pointing out that scenario is speculation and the more likely case was the young boy was showing off with the gun when it accidentally went off shooting his sister by accident and then running because he was a scared kid.

Video Link


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