Transfer Fees in Community Associations – Is No News, Good News?   Leave a comment

For a time, there was a lot of furor over transfer fees in the community association context it seems.  From Federal to state, there were proposals to do *something* about transfer fees. . .

In some states, such bills have passed, but elsewhere the issue seems to have gone to a back burner. Here in Georgia, the proposed bill HB 129 intended to deal with the issues seems to have stalled out. At the Federal level, Rep. Maxine Water’s H.R. 6260 and Rep. Gingrey’s H.R. 6332 were both referred to committee in 2010 and no changes to status for either bill has occurred since.

However, it appears that the proposed rule from the FHA (see earlier articles on this blog) is still moving forward.  The latest is a letter from FHA itself November 2011, show that according to FHA there are changes to the rule being considered.

What does this mean?  Simply that there are still things to keep an eye on.

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