HRMA Seminar: Employee Handbooks – Why Your Company Needs One & What Should Be In It

Join Eadaoin Waller of our corporate department on January 26th and learn more about employee manuals through a seminar with the Human Resources Management Association of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce.  Sign up here:

Leaving aside the myriad practical reasons that your company should have an employee manual, there are two principal legal reasons that this document is a necessity for businesses with any number of employees: to reduce the company’s exposure to risk from a variety of claims (including harassment, disability and wage and hour claims) by implementing “safe harbor” policies recommended by the courts, and to minimize and manage the legal obligations imposed on your business by law through well-drafted policies. 

 This lunchtime seminar will briefly cover the following topics:

 – Policies regarding harassment and payroll deductions that provide affirmative defenses to claims and charges;

– Policies regarding intellectual property infringement, safety, violence, driving and other practical matters which can demonstrate that the company is not vicariously liable for an employee’s bad acts;

– Correct drafting of an FMLA policy so as to minimize the burden on the company;

– Drafting the most advantageous paid leave policy;

– Reducing liability for unemployment compensation through policies;

– Implementing and using the handbook.

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