Bills in U.S. Senate and House May Affect Home Solar Power   2 comments

On September 30, 2009 Senators Barbara Boxer (D-CA) & John Kerry (D-MA) introduced a new bill that deals with global climate change. The Clean Energy, Jobs, American Power Act, SB 1733, excluded provisions that preempt homeowners’ association covenants governing solar panels.

You can follow the progress of SB 1733 by clicking on and searching for SB 1733 under “Search Bill Summary & Status”.

SB 1733 is a contrast to the provisions of H.R. 2454, the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which was introduced earlier in 2009 in the House of Representatives. As discussed in an earlier article on this Blog, H.R. 2454 created a Federal standard governing the installation and maintenance of solar panels in homeowners’ associations – which ignores local law and private covenants on the issue.


2 responses to “Bills in U.S. Senate and House May Affect Home Solar Power

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  1. About Time. It’s the HOA’s that keep most of us from being able to really deploy solar panels. I tried about 6 times over 7 yrs to get approval, but havent yet. Hopefully the Dow Shingles will let me get through it.

    • Yes, I understand what you mean. I really would like to see more of my clients revisit their use restrictions and architectural guidelines that blanket prohibit solar panels. Adopting more flexible requirements that would allow some solar panels (and similar technology) would be helpful for associations. With the growing popularity of solar powered water heaters, I really expected this issue to come up more.

      — Amy Bray

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