The Advantages of Becoming a Drug-Free Workplace in Georgia   1 comment

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Through the State Board of Workers Compensation, employers in Georgia can obtain certification as a Drug-Free Workplace, guaranteeing a minimum statutory 7.5% discount on their annual Workers’ Compensation premiums. The benefits of Drug-Free Workplace certification, however, extend far beyond reduced premiums. Employers in existing Drug-Free Workplaces report heightened morale and productivity, a reduction in workplace accidents, lower healthcare costs and lower rates of absenteeism amongst employees.

Certification as a Drug-Free Workplace requires an employer to implement the following measures:

 A written substance abuse policy, informing employees of the drug-free philosophy of the workplace, the drug-testing procedures in place, and the availability of resources for employees dealing with substance-abuse issues;
 A drug-testing policy, whereby employees must be tested for certain substances before being hired by the employer, and where the employee is involved in a workplace accident or where there is reasonable suspicion that the employee is under the influence of drugs at work;
 Publication of a list of resources for employees affected by substance abuse, including hospitals, addiction treatment and counseling providers, and insurance coverage;
 Employee education on the subjects of drug addiction and recovery. Two hours of education must be provided in the first year of certification, and one hour in each subsequent year. Education may be carried out in a number of ways, from inviting speakers to give presentations, to newsletters.
 Supervisor training on recognition of the signs of substance abuse, and proper handling of affected employees in the workplace. Two hours of supervisor training are required in the first year, and one in all subsequent years.

Drug-Free Workplace certification is easy to attain, and benefits your business by cutting your operating costs and empowering your employees. ATC can advise you on implementation of the policies, testing and training measures required for certification.

By Eadaoin Waller, a senior associate in our Corporate Department.


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